Call Us: 780-449-3883

Call Us: 780-449-3883

Edmonton Home Inspectors

We've been doing it right in Edmonton since 1994. With 6 inspectors working 7 days a week (including evenings), HouseMaster has prepared more than 32,000 inspection reports. Giving home buyers peace of mind. Keeping families safe.

Tarion Inspection Services

What sets us apart

Our 120 Day Limited Repair Reimbursement Guarantee. If our inspector reports that a part of your home is "satisfactory" and it subsequently requires repair (within 120 days), we will help to reimburse the costs. Subject to certain terms and conditions, of course, so please call the office and we'll be happy to give you all the details. We are the only home inspection company in Alberta that offers this guarantee.

Our Report Delivery. Following our inspection, your inspector will go over his findings with you, on site, and answer your questions. And because there can be an overwhelming amount of information, we will provide you with online access to the completed report for further review at your leisure, or for sharing with anyone else as you see fit.

Our Recall Check Service. Our service continues long after your inspection. We keep an inventory of all of your appliances, so that we can notify you in the event of a recall, and advise you how to proceed.

Edmonton Mold Inspector

Pre-Purchase Inspection

To learn more about how a HouseMaster home inspection can assist you in making an informed purchase decision, contact us online or call our Edmonton office at 780-449-3883.

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