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Our experienced home inspectors in Edmonton are available 7 days a week.

The Most Reliable Choice for Edmonton Home Inspections. No home is perfect, but that doesn’t mean it’s not perfect for you!

Our experienced Home Inspectors take the time to go through the home with our client and explain the defects and concerns present, and what should get attention first. The information will be included in our easy to understand, yet comprehensive report

Our highly competitive rates & top-rated inspection services make us the best choice in Edmonton for pre-purchase home inspectors.

House / Duplex Inspections for $475 +GST.

Townhouse Condo Inspections for $425 +GST.

Mobile Homes (Trailers) Inspections from $395 +GST.

Apartment Condo Inspections from $325 +GST.


*Additional fees of $50 for each: 500 ft² over 2000 ft², additional kitchen/garage or is older than 65 yrs.

Educated Buyers Can Be Confident In Their Purchase Decision

Unexpected house expenses can cost you thousands of dollars! Our trusted and certified home inspectors love educating our clients; So when the time comes, you’ll be able to make an informed decision.

avoid costly oversight

Remember, the cost of an Edmonton home inspection pales in comparison to the expense of a major renovation or repair.


Knowing about major concerns will help you decide if the home is worth the asking price. Being armed with this information can help you make the most out of any negotiations regarding the purchase.


You can trust HouseMaster to identify safety issues within the home. Our detailed reports include dozens of photos, so you know exactly what the issue is and where to find it. We even include information on corrective actions required.

At HouseMaster We Stand Behind our Work.

Our certified inspectors are thorough and meticulous. During the inspection your inspector will work his way through the home systematically, so nothing gets overlooked. Our comprehensive inspection reports include photos and diagrams along with thoughtful advice.

In fact, HouseMaster trusts our inspectors and their reports so much that we proudly offer our clients our exclusive, complimentary 120-day Limited Repair Reimbursement Guarantee.

• Roofing
• Exterior
• Structure
• Electrical

• Interior
• Heating & Cooling
• Insulation & Ventilation
• Plumbing

Sample House Inspection Report Image Gallery

Your home inspection report from HouseMaster comes with 100s of photos showing the good and bad of your potential purchase. Available online for easy review. Our inspectors take the time to add notes and inform you the issues found.

The HouseMaster Cloud: A Personal Online Home Management System All inspections include FREE HouseMaster Cloud Account

Access your house inspection through the HouseMaster Cloud. Our modern technology gives you the best tools to make a final decision on your real estate purchase.

The Cloud will help you manage product recalls, routine maintenance, digital home inventory, you can store paint colors and finishes!

Put the safety and security of your family first

We offer a variety of inspection types and ancillary services.

• Standard House Inspections
• Townhouse/Condo Inspections
• Apartment Inspections
• Cabin Inspections
• Pre-Sale Inspections
• New Home Inspections

• Rural Property Inspections
• Private Water System Inspection
• Private Septic System Inspection
• Water Testing Service
• Hot Tub / Pool Inspections
• Commercial Properties

• Radon Screening
• Mould Air Sampling Services
• Ozonation Services (Odor Removal)
• Weichert Relocations
• RCMP & Military Relocations
• Brookfield Corporate Relocations

Protecting Home Buyers Since 1994 HouseMaster Is the Most Recognized Name In Home Inspections.

Since opening our office in Sherwood Park in 1994 we have served over 50,000 home buyers and sellers; But the HouseMaster story began long before that.

The first HouseMaster office opened in 1979 so we practically invented home inspections! HouseMaster has more than 370 locally owned and operated branches throughout North America. Plus, our certified inspectors have completed over 2.5 million home inspections. Now that’s experience you can count on. Trust our experts to give you the detailed information you need before you complete one of the largest purchases most of us will make in our lifetime. Knowledge is power.

Our Team of Property Inspectors

Paul Dolynny

AB Home Inspector License #333621

Doug Rostad

AB Home Inspector License #338159